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Granet museum - Aix-en-Provence (fine arts museum)


Les Baigneuses Paul Cézanne 1839-1906 (oil on canvas 29x45 cm) © Photography H. Maertens

Granet museum

The Aix museum, which took the name of one of its most generous benefactors, the painter François-Marius Granet in 1949, owes its origins to the members of the Provence parliament - part of the Ancien Régime nobility of the robe who cultivated a taste for the arts and history. The parliamentarians put together remarkable collections throughout the 17th and 18th centuries for display in their private mansions, making them the pride of the city.
The presence of this affluent elite in search of social recognition, as well as the city’s strategic position at the crossroads between the north of Europe and Italy, fostered a local flowering of the arts, which the museum was gradually able to display, through various means.

Musée Granet, Place Saint-Jean-de-Malte, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, tel. : +33 442 161 091


Festivals in Provence


The International festival of Piano

The La Roque d'Anthéron Piano Festival has been the place for pianists with the courage to express their originality and their personality. The wise, the insolent and the prodigious - poets all - are reborn each year under the ancient plane trees of the Parc de Florans and the starry vault of the Provençal evenings.


The Festival of Avignon is considered as a major event, and a "must" on the French theatrical calendar, the Avignon Festival has attracted the attention of professionals and amateurs from all over the world, and has over the years amassed a large number of faithful observers and commentators


The Chorégies d'Orange festival dates from 1860 and is the oldest festival in France... the perfectly preserved Roman Theatre, which can hold 9,000 spectators, and which still has its stage wall, the guarantee of exceptional acoustics, and to their vocation, which is lyrical and musical performances, placing them among the very best French festivals and certainly one with an indisputable international reputation.


The Lyrical Festival of Aix-en-Provence

With a strong record of past successes, the Festival of Aix welcomes a public that is not only local, but also national and international, with many spectators and journalists coming from around the world.
The spectators who come to take part in the Festival of Aix leave each year with memories of a festival experience that is unique in its own way and during which they attended musical performances of a high quality in the unique context of an open-air festival under the sky of Provence.
Furthermore, each year the international press travels to Aix to attend the festival performances. Thus, journalists from the Financial Times, the New York Times, Opera Today and even Radio Canada made the journey to Aix-en-Provence to discover the new productions and creations of the Festival of Aix




Catherine Biglietti est installée à Cabriès en Provence, Catherine mène une recherche sur les corps en mouvement à travers le travail de la terre.
Repousser chaque jour les contraintes techniques et mieux comprendre ce matériau à la fois ample et simple, cuire, élaborer des patines...

Musée de la Lavande  

The Lavanders Museums based in hamlet of Coustellet approx 50 mn. drive from Villa Valbelle, in the direction of Avignon. Owned by the Luncelé family for generations.

1st February until December 31th

Zoo de la Barben  

Zoo de la Barben, the largest zoological garden in the south-east of France, approx 20 mn drive from Villa Valbelle, near Salon-de-Provence.

Open everyday 10 am - 6 pm

Le Village des Automates  

Automate Village

open 1st April - 30th September, everyday 10.00am - 06.00pm

Les chevauchées du Soleil  

Les chevauchées du Soleil, horseriding in the heart of the Camargue.

Open all year round.

Thermes Sextius  

Thermes Sextius

Pamper yourself at the thermal spa built on the original ancient Roman site in the center of Aix.

Open all year round.

Le Verdon en Rafting  

Aqua viva est

Explore the Gorges du Verdon, rafting, kayaking, and other water sports.

Open April to September.

Provence Live  

Provence Live

An Aix-perience guaranteed… Communication network linking Aix-en-Provence and the world beyond with a selection of the best the region has to offer.

Golf en Provence  


Enjoy ther prestigious 18 hole golf-course at Port -Royale only 25 min from Villa Valbelle


Bed & Breakfast


La Combe fleurie

Bed & Breakfast
Agnès and Donald Clark
Ecrins Champsaur




Aéroport Marseille Provence

Aéroport Marseille Provence

Aix en bus

Aix en bus

Météo France

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